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Susan Erickson



A true daughter of the desert, Susan was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, and co-founded the still thriving Invisible Theatre there.  She has created drama programs for children, teens, and adults, and has directed high-security male prisoners (Stars in Stripes).  Susan feels fortunate that her plays have won numerous awards and seen productions in many different theatres in several states.  She received her MFA in Dramatic Writing with distinction, is a member of SAG-AFTRA, and teaches theatre and dramatic writing full time at CNM.   Her plays include the following:  




Raised by Humans – 3F, 5M.  Vortex Theatre, 2010. 

Comic magic realism from Bear Mountain to the Afterlife, a Beauty and the Beast for our times.  Beauty is an alcoholic single mother who has burned every bridge, and the Beast is a mutant bear with a bright human brain. “In her latest play, Raised By Humans, Albuquerque playwright Susan Erickson wrangles family dysfunction, afterlife angst, and talking bears to craft a warm, wacky and whimsical meditation on love and its surprises.” – Brian Herrera, Talkin’ Broadway.


Queen Lear – 2F.  Vortex Theatre, Albuquerque Academy, 2006.  Commissioned by Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico.

A mother and daughter are torn apart by a devastating secret.  CNM Chronicle called it “A well-written play with plenty of emotion, suspense, and a generous dose of comedy.”


33-66!  (33 Plays in 66 Minutes) cast size/gender flexible. 

Tricklock Theatre, No Strings Theatre Company, Las Cruces 2005; Albuquerque High, CNM “Sketchy” and “Sketchy 2” excerpts 2010, 2013.

A fast, funny ride.  Attention deficit theatre.  The Las Cruces Bulletin calls it “unique dynamite,” “something in it for everyone,” giving “a good laugh and a few tears.”


Sleep With Me – 4F, 3M.   Vortex Theatre, 2004.

Romantic comedy which begins in the suburbs and ends in a haunted desert.  When Roxanne falls for a young, paranoid FBI agent, her husband and son will do anything to keep the family together.  Called “fast paced and genuinely funny” by Albuquerque Journal and voted best new play 2004.


Lifting Off – 3F, 3M.  Vortex Theatre, Highland High. University of Texas, 2001.

Dramatic comedy in an abandoned Southwest neighborhood.  About a highly eccentric, poverty-stricken Polish-American family and the teenage son who holds them together while dreaming of NASA.  Called “compelling, poignant” by Daily Lobo.



Good Grief – 3F, 3M, plus “Ghost Council” dancers.  Theatre X,  2001.

Dialogue, live music, and dance.  Inspired by the beloved Blackfoot (Siksika) legend The Origin of Death.  Magical worlds collide with humor and heartbreak as First Man and First Woman disagree on how to create their perfect planet.  Daily Lobo called it entertaining, witty, and thought-provoking.  “Laced within its humor is the poignant finality of death and its consequences on life.”




All Day Suckers – 3f, 2M.  Pantheon Theatre, NYC; Theatre X, Vortex Theatre, Texas Christian University; Cibola High School.  Winner of Quickies ’99 Nat’l play festival, Vortex Theatre.  Published Cal State University, The Pacific Review.

Dark comedy.  Four desperate children, played by adults, act out their home lives during playtime in an eerie, sterile daycare.


Ozzy Osbourne Explains It All For You, 2F, 2M, Vortex Theatre, 2008.

Weekly Alibi’s Steven Robert Allen says this comic “highlight” has “the dysfunctional Osbourne clan cussing its way through a jumbled analysis of assorted American crises.”  Albq. Journal calls it “an inspired, satirical tribute to America and Americans.”


Grecian Formula – 5M

Farcical one-act.  Sophocles, Aeschylus, Isosceles, and Pladipus will do anything for a spot in the City Dionysia theatre festival.


The Cat Whisperer  – 2F, 1M.  Theatre X.  Film version produced by Working Boy Productions, 2000.  Shown at Boston Film Festival and Rhode Island Film Festival.

Ten minute parody of Robert Redford’s…well, you know.


When Fur and Feathers Flew, International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, 2005.  A comic history of ballooning’s unlikely test pilots.


Mettle Magnolias  – 4F,2M. Theatre X production.  Vortex Theatre (staged reading)

Comedy:  Shakespeare’s most famous leading ladies tangle at a modern day spa.  Script called “superb” by Albuquerque Journal, January, 2000.


2021: A Yard Sale  – 1F,1M.  Theatre X, 1999.  Called “beautifully written” by Abq. Journal.  Dark comedy romantic sci fi.  A new Big Brother is watching.


Making Change – 3F.  Theatre X.  A teenage daughter’s first terrifying day of work is helped by mom’s crazy pitch and grandma’s ghost.


State of Grace – 3F, 1M.  Theatre X

One-act.   Dark comedy.  Jesus manifests himself as a juvenile delinquent to help a lonely young girl escape from an abusive home. 


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