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Dusty McGowan


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Dusty McGowan is a New Mexico based writer specializing in material for the stage and screen.  He received his MFA in Dramatic Writing from the University of New Mexico in 2005, under the tutelage of Jim Linnel and Digby Wolfe.  While in school, he received the Anchorage Press Award for Young Audiences for his play Harry the Magnificent. Dusty attended the New Mexico Filmmakers Intensive at the College of Santa Fe in 2008.  This resulted in a certificate that declares him an experienced (if not professional) screenwriter.  During the intensive, he completed a short script which he eventually produced as a short film.  The film Mickey (2009) was an official selection of the first annual Albuquerque Film Festival.  Dusty worked as a Communications Director for a prestigious non-profit focused on “smart electricity.”  The job allowed Dusty an opportunity to write and produce a series of educational videos entitled: “Shocking Facts with Sad Socket.”  Dusty’s latest adventure has been to complete the scripts for a series of comic books based on the Discovery Channel series Survivorman.  He is also about to begin work on a second Master’s Degree in the Counseling at Santa Fe’s Southwestern College.  Dusty will always be happy to see a paycheck for his work.  Barring that, he will also settle for loads of unwarranted praise and adulation.

List of Works:


Harry the Magnificent (winner of the 2004 Anchorage Press Award for Young Audiences): Henry, a troublesome ten year old, is encouraged to confront his demons using his imagination.  This includes re-imagining his absent father as an imaginary magician named Harry.  This play is essentially a two character story with great roles for a talented child actor and a middle aged teacher type.

Broken Pilgrims (used for the completion of a dissertation):  A group of fanatical Jimmy Buffet fans (or “Parrotheads”) gather in a dingy motel room and wait for their idol to show up.

The Birds Fly Away:  God and Satan enjoy a leisurely game of checkers as they attempt to figure out who will assume responsibility for the After Life.  At the same time, the Janitorial staff in Hell prepares the onslaught of new arrivals.  A comic meditation on what exactly makes life worth living (or not).


Harry the Magnificent:  a dark comic fantasy about the relationship between an inept magician and a prostitute who believes she can fly.

Necroboy: a traditionally structured romantic comedy that may (or may not) involve necrophilia.


Shocking Facts with Sad Socket:


 Survivorman Comic Book (at Comic Flea Market):–The-Horn-of/Detail


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